I love chasing the light in reflections.  When you look into a puddle on a sunny day, a whole other world seems to plunge downward, alternate universe, slick with the shine of water. I want to dive in but must satisfy myself solely with pixelated images. The same with glass–it gives wondrously disorienting patterns for the eye to puzzle out. The white oaks at the top of the page floated on Northwest Branch on a bright fall day last September.

Funny story about that picture.  I was getting my camera ready for a hike at Harper’s Ferry over spring break this year and happened to check my spare memory card, on which I discovered nearly 200 pictures. Now, by spring break, I am usually so tired–I spend most of that vacation grading Pride and Prejudice term papers–and I feel depleted creatively.  So I was kind of sulky, thinking, ‘Why bother, my pictures are boring,’ when I found these mystery pictures.  Loaded them up on my computer and found a whole string of really beautiful reflections of Northwest Branch from last September.  I had no idea they had turned out so well. So when I feel dull and don’t want to shoot, I remember the surprised delight of that moment.

Here are some other favorites:

Monadnock Building, Market Street, SF

Aquarium store on Fillmore Street, SF, now sadly closed


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