Weverton Cliffs

Spring Break.  Which means for me a week of intensive grading–Pride and Prejudice essays and a set of tests.  Shackled to my couch, I got through them all in good time, leaving three whole grade-free days of joy.  I read a mystery–Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom, second in the Shardlake series set in the time of Henry VIII (lots on dissolution of monasteries)–and began The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont, a prep school saga with boats.  Most importantly, I got out of town for a hike with tripod and camera.  Just shy of Harper’s Ferry, still, in fact, in Maryland, lies South Mountain State Park, and at the southwestern tip are the Weverton Cliffs.  A four-mile hike up the Appalachian Trail gets one to this outcrop of rocks overlooking the Potomac River.  To the west, if you stand tall enough, you can see the spire of the church at Harper’s Ferry.  Perfect spot to try out some HDR work.  Here are two of the latest.


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