A Day at the Beach

A teacher’s summer can begin to wind down at the beginning of August. Time to start thinking of planning the calendar, refreshing lesson plans, plowing through all those assigned summer reading books. But there is still time to slip away for one more day at the beach. Fortunately, Rehoboth and the Cape Henlopen State Park lie only 2.5 hours away. Get up early, grab a swimsuit and the camera, and away you go.

I think I must have been a fish in a previous life. I spent most of the day in the water. A hot day but with a breeze and pleasant water temps–especially if you swam out a ways to where colder currents cooled off the 79 degree F water. No dolphin sightings on Friday, but lots of hermit crabs for the catching as the girls at the next umbrella happily informed as they rushed past with their latest find. A camp from an inland town in Delaware arrived with 40 or more campers and counselors. The clear day gave way to puffs of clouds. And a fine time was had by all.

Below, a medley of pictures. Click on one and they will appear as a slideshow.


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