We have had a summer of almost no rain. In fact, most of the country suffers from drought.  I can remember summers where the daily pattern went like this: hot, steamy days, booming thunderstorm-filled evenings. Almost like clockwork. Not major devastating storms, just some boomers and a whoosh of rain for thirty or forty minutes.  We would read inside until about two p.m., then head to the pool for several hours until either dinner or lightning or both. In the evenings, we watched movies or continued reading until very late. The cicadas blasted their song, crickets too.

But this summer, not much rain. However, a good soaker came through the other day, and it made for some interesting photos of rain-soaked windows. All were shot in HDR. The last one is surreal–shadows on the window screen.

Rain-soaked rhododendron

Another shot of rain-soaded rhododendron

Rain-soaked screen, back-lit by streetlight


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