A Case of the Februarys

Somehow, grey and brown do not inspire. And cruel winter refuses to grant us much snow, promiscuously squandering it elsewhere. So we march through the long days of February without a glimmer of the glowing blanket of white to alleviate the eyes. Grey and brown accumulate. Cold forces us inside. Only the rare moment gives in to color. And one night a few, teasing flakes that whirled away, laughing. Grey and brown do not inspire much more than fatigue. Must be a bad case of February. Shortest days but longest month.

First picture: today’s clouds; second picture: sunset last week; third picture: snowflakes on the car window.

Tree 2-17-2013 single frame HDR Monstrose sunset single frame HDR 8941 Monstrose sunset snow single frame HDR 8946


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