Summer Roses and New Cameras

Age creeps up on one, then taps the shoulder and demands submission. I have loved my Canon 5D Mark II, but it has grown heavier and more cumbersome the older I get. As a treat for passing into yet another decade, I bought a new camera, chosen for its lightness and for its pointing back to my first SLR, way back in 1977, an Olympus OMD-2. Here is the first posting from that new lens on the world: an Olympus OMD EM 5 Mark II.

Dupont Circle has a farmer’s market now, threaded all around the plaza where the Metro comes out. You ride up from the underworld into a place graced by Persephone’s return. A man plays saxophone, hawkers tout meats and cheeses. The greens and yellows of zucchinis, the reds of tomatoes, the blush of early peaches. A balloon man for the children, adorned he sat in a jester’s cap made of stretched balloons. And buckets of flowers. Here are rose petals touching a splash of sun.

Dupont Circle Roses

Dupont Circle Roses


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