Irrationalities pile up around us. Some people have trouble deciphering the real, the likely, from the fraudulent, the manipulative lies of the meme world. For me a walk becomes a respite, a place with no internet or vibrating phones and clamoring all-caps shouting. The last of the fall leaves swirl in chittering little dances along the street. I remember to look up. The sky in its immenseness gives perspective–or rather, it dilutes all perspective. I take my camera. It makes a walk, leisurely and measured, a time of discovery. Little patterns on a fence, a last sunlit leaf, or even the detritus of a construction sight rising out of the muddy earth. All of it a momentary relief, for even in the ugly places touches of grace.

Contruction site piping 250149_HDR_edit.jpg

Construction Piping on a Saturday Afternoon




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